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Even as COVID-19 still rages, it’s important that we remember those we’ve lost

BY: - January 22, 2021

The 8,442 people who’ve died of COVID-19 in Louisiana puts us in the neighborhood of eight Hurricane Katrinas. That doesn’t mean we’re at 8 times the number of folks killed by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. That means we’re at 8 times the number of folks killed by Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. It seemed inconceivable then, […]

With COVID-19 the worst it’s been, Louisiana’s college students return to campus

BY: - January 14, 2021

Students at Louisiana’s colleges and universities return to school this month in a state that has more COVID-19 cases than it has ever had — and with all signs indicating that things are going to get worse. In response, some colleges have required students to provide a negative test before returning to campus — and […]

These Louisiana pharmacies are scheduled to receive COVID-19 vaccine this week

BY: - January 4, 2021

The Louisiana Department of Health on Monday released a list of pharmacies across the state that will offer COVID-19 vaccinations to people 70 and older this week. Those who are eligible must first make an appointment with their respective pharmacy in order to get vaccinated. There are about 485,000 people in Louisiana who are age […]

Gov. John Bel Edwards

Is House Republicans’ petition to end public health order more reckless or feckless?

BY: - October 30, 2020

After spending months arguing that Gov. John Bel Edwards unlawfully enacted COVID-19 restrictions and describing themselves as the guardians of freedom, Louisiana’s Republican House members were the epitome of conviction and resistance last week when they produced a sternly worded petition that puts the governor in time out. If it ever goes into effect (or […]


Louisiana lawmakers need to acknowledge that COVID-19 is still with us

BY: - October 2, 2020

When Republican members of the Louisiana House Health, Education and Welfare committee argued with two of the state’s top public health experts Wednesday, they were illustrating the contempt much of the American public has developed for experts and their expertise. Jimmy Guidry, the state public health officer, and Joseph Kanter, the assistant state health officer, […]

Bill reducing governor’s say on emergency election plans passes Louisiana Senate

BY: - October 1, 2020

The Louisiana Senate passed a bill Thursday that greatly reduces the say the governor has in approving an emergency election plan. The legislation passed the bill introduced by Sen. Sharon Hewitt, R-Slidell, with a 22-12 vote. The vote follows a contentious battle over the current COVID-19 emergency election plan  with Gov. John Bel Edwards on […]

Gov. John Bel Edwards

Louisiana legislative leaders diverge on how much power they want over COVID-19 response

BY: - September 30, 2020

The Louisiana Legislature’s two Republican leaders — Senate President Page Cortez and House Speaker Clay Schexnayder — have both said they want to curb the governor’s powers during emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. But they have put forward radically different approaches toward doing so. Cortez, of Lafayette, is sponsoring legislation that keeps the governor squarely […]


With COVID-19 rate still high, Louisiana enters eat-drink-and-be-merry phase

BY: - September 13, 2020

COVID-19 has been infecting fewer people in Louisiana than it did during a first peak in April or a second peak in July, and Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Thursday that the state was entering Phase 3 of its coronavirus reopening plan. Many Louisianians are probably celebrating the loosening of restrictions, but we’ll likely look […]

Louisiana’s Phase 3 means some bars are open but last call is early

BY: - September 11, 2020

BATON ROUGE — Restaurants, salons, gyms and other establishments, including some bars, will have fewer restrictions as Louisiana transitions to Phase 3 of its coronavirus reopening plan Friday night. Gov. John Bel Edwards announced the new guidelines at a press conference Friday afternoon, stressing that residents should make no significant changes to the cautious routines […]

Louisiana legislative auditor shoots down conspiracy theory concerning duplicate COVID-19 cases

BY: - August 8, 2020

Last month, the Red River Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office made Facebook posts suggesting that their COVID-19 numbers weren’t bad as state officials were making them out to be  because the lists of infected people that officials in those parishes had been given included some of […]

Governor reinstates face mask mandate

Louisiana surpasses 4,000 known COVID-19 deaths

BY: - August 6, 2020

Louisiana surpassed 4,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19, though the actual death toll is assumed to be higher since some people suspected to have the virus died without being tested for it. The state recorded 50 new deaths Thursday, bringing the official count to 4,028, according to the Louisiana Department of Health. Those newly reported deaths […]

Lawsuit accuses Louisiana of insufficient emergency plans for upcoming elections

BY: - August 4, 2020

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed suit against the state of Louisiana Monday, accusing state officials of a “failure to ensure all eligible voters can vote safely in the upcoming elections amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”  Specifically, the Legal Defense Fund challenges the state’s restrictions on eligibility for mail-in ballots and its reduction in the […]