Supreme Court affirms transgender rights in declining to hear Virginia school bathroom case

BY: - June 28, 2021

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that it will not hear a case of a transgender student in Virginia who was barred from using the boys’ bathroom, a decision that affirms lower-court rulings that said treating transgender students differently violates federal law. Justices on the top court offered no comment in declining to take […]

Governor vetoes bill that would've allowed concealed guns without a permit

Louisiana governor vetoes bill to allow people to carry concealed guns without a permit

BY: and - June 25, 2021

Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed legislation this week that would have allowed residents over the age of 21 to carry concealed guns without a permit and without training — a move that has heightened calls from Republican lawmakers for an unprecedented veto override session in July. “I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, […]

State would determine appropriate medical treatments for trans minors 

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards vetoes ban on transgender women and girls in women’s sports

BY: - June 22, 2021

Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed a ban on transgender women and girls participating in women and girls sporting events. The veto didn’t come as a surprise. The governor, a Democrat, had said in April that he intended to reject the legislation if it passed.  “As I have said repeatedly when asked about this bill, discrimination […]

Louisiana Capitol Building

In this legislative session, Louisiana Republicans flipped the meaning of discrimination | Jarvis DeBerry

BY: - June 11, 2021

During a committee meeting where he voted against legislation that sought to protect Louisiana’s LGBTQ renters from housing discrimination, Rep. Danny McCormick (R-Oil City) spoke firsthand about the discrimination he himself has been facing:  “Personally I don’t wear a mask, and I get discriminated against,” he said. In defense of what might be property managers’ […]

Trans advocate ‘upset and disappointed’ that bills had anti-LGBTQ discrimination language amended out

BY: - May 29, 2021

A bill preventing transgender girls from participating in girls sports was the most notable bill with anti-transgender language to win the approval of Louisiana lawmakers this week. However, on Friday, Dylan Waguespack, president of Louisiana Trans Advocates, took note of two other bills that had anti-discriminatory language removed during the legislative process. A bill establishing […]

State would determine appropriate medical treatments for trans minors 

Louisiana Legislature sends transgender sports ban to governor’s desk

BY: - May 27, 2021

The Louisiana Legislature has voted for a ban on transgender women and girls participating in women and girls sports. Both the House and Senate overwhelmingly supported Senate Bill 156. The chambers passed the measure with over two-thirds of lawmakers in favor, a veto-proof majority. Conservative lawmakers stood up and cheered when the bill passed in […]

Ashton's cross country team jersey

Louisiana High School Athletic Association removed transgender boy from cross country team in 2019

BY: - May 21, 2021

In 2019, Ashton was hoping to join the military after graduating from Mandeville High School.  So as a senior, he joined the boys cross country team to get himself into better shape. He started attending summer running practices ahead of the fall season. Ashton wasn’t very fast, but he appreciated the team’s camaraderie and it […]

House Republicans block proposal to protect LGBTQ workers

Before meeting a potential landlord, I take a look in the mirror

BY: - May 13, 2021

After driving around trying to find the address, I park my car. I don’t have to stop and check in the mirror or untangle curls from earrings. But at this point, I do it reflexively and catch myself being… not quite myself. When I step out, my heel lands flat on the ground. That’s a […]

Louisiana State Capitol

Republicans block anti-housing discrimination bill in committee

BY: - May 10, 2021

A bill that would have made it illegal in Louisiana to refuse to rent or sell housing to someone because of their sexual orientation or because they’re transgender was killed in the Louisiana House Commerce Monday morning when all seven Republicans on the committee opposed it.  All four Democrats on the committee supported the bill […]

State would determine appropriate medical treatments for trans minors 

Louisiana Senate votes overwhelmingly for transgender restrictions in sports

BY: - May 5, 2021

The Louisiana Senate voted 29-6 Wednesday to prohibit transgender girls and women from participating in women and girls sports competitions. Both Democrats and Republicans supported the legislation. There was no debate on the bill before the vote took place.  “Women have been given privileges because we are different — not lesser — but different,” said […]

Billy Nungesser

Billy Nungesser says transgender restrictions will have a ‘negative impact’ on tourism

BY: - May 1, 2021

Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser believes transgender restrictions currently under consideration by the Louisiana Legislature will hurt the state’s tourism industry if they become law. “They will have a negative impact,” said Nungesser, a Republican, when asked about the proposed transgender restrictions in a Thursday interview. “It would be better for us to open our doors […]

State would determine appropriate medical treatments for trans minors 

Louisiana ban on transgender women in women sports competitions looks more likely to pass

BY: - April 29, 2021

A ban on letting transgender women and girls participate in women and girls sports looks more likely to gain approval of the full Louisiana Legislature, after it passed out of the state Senate Education Committee controlled by a Democrat Thursday.  “What I’m hearing is there are young women athletes who fear their opportunities are going […]