LSU establishes special committee on Title IX compliance


    LSU will establish a new Special Committee on Title IX compliance to “oversee the university’s efforts to build a stronger Title IX infrastructure and student support mechanisms,” the university’s spokesperson announced Thursday afternoon.

    “The special committee’s jurisdiction will be to ensure LSU’s Action Plan on Title IX — based on recommendations by Husch Blackwell in their recent report,” university spokesperson Ernie Ballard said in the announcement, “is implemented as prudently and expeditiously as possible.”

    The law firm Husch Blackwell released a 150-page report that concluded that LSU hadn’t made enough of an effort to combat sexual misconduct and violence on its campus in Baton Rouge, hadn’t sufficiently staffed the Title IX office, which handles campus cases of sexual misconduct and violence, and had no clear policies in place about when employees are required to report sexual violence and sexual misconduct. The law firm’s report followed a series of stories by USA Today which focused on several cases in which LSU mishandled sexual misconduct involving the athletics department or fraternity members on campus.

    The LSU scandal has had a ripple effect across the country. Former LSU football coach Les Miles was fired by the University of Kansas.  KU also fired the athletic director who hired Miles. F. King Alexander, who served as LSU president between 2013 and 2019, resigned as Oregon State University president over the weekend.  The LSU scandal happened on King’s watch, and the university’s board of trustees said there was no way Alexander could regain the trust of the OSU community.

    Despite calls for the firings of some LSU athletics officials in connection with the Husch Blackwell report’s findings, no one has been terminated.