LSU allotted $43 million from second COVID-19 relief bill


    LSU has been allotted $43 million from the U.S. Congress’ second COVID-19 relief bill, about $18 million more than the university received from the CARES act in March.

    “Our top priority this year is going to be securing much deserved raises for our faculty and staff,” Interim LSU President Galligan said. “Taking care of our people is absolutely necessary if we’re going to continue to expand enrollments, increase academic success, advance our research efforts and capabilities and remain competitive with our peers.”

    “We have asked more of (the faculty and staff) in the past 10 months than perhaps at any time in our history, and they have taken care of us,” Galligan said. “Now we need to take care of them.”

    Restoring the budget and addressing maintenance projects that were deferred are next on the priority list, Galligan said.

    LSU has received more money from the second COVID-19 relief bill because private schools were left out of the bill, Galligan said, so LSU got a bigger piece of the pie.