LHC announces improvements to emergency rental assistance program


    In Pennsylvania, unemployed workers demanded a rent freeze — one of many such protests held across the country. (Pittsburgh Current photos by Jake Mysliwczyk)

    After only paying out $400,000 of the $24 million pledged so far in rental assistance, the Louisiana Housing Corporation announced they’re making improvements to their emergency rental assistance program.

    These improvements include reducing the program’s application length, allowing E-signatures and scheduling in-person outreach events to serve residents who have limited internet access.

    The program modifications are designed to improve the efficiency of the application process and make it easier and quicker for tenants and landlords to complete,” said Na’Tisha Natt, public affairs director of the Louisiana Housing Corporation.

    An important point to note is that in order for the dollars to be released, it is necessary for both the tenant and landlord to complete and return the required documentation.” she said. “We are encouraging the applicants to stay in touch with the program to make sure everything is in place in order to move forward.

    Natt said the program will reopen “once additional dollars become available.”