African-American history courses may be added to list of classes students can take to earn TOPS


    LSU students table for their African and African American studies program. The program received a promotion to department status on Jan. 15. (Photo courtesy of Stephen Finley)

    Rep. Cedric Glover’s (D-Shreveport) HB 635, which would allow African American history courses to be among the classes a high school student can take to become eligible for TOPS, advanced without objection from the Louisiana House Education Committee Wednesday.

    Currently, high school students looking to complete the social studies requirement for TOPS must take two of either: Western Civilization, European History, or AP European History; World Geography, AP Human Geography, or IB Geography; World History, AP World History, or World History IB; History of Religion; IB Economics, Economics, AP Macroeconomics, or AP Microeconomics.

    Speaking in favor of his bill at Wednesday morning’s committee hearing, Glover said it “simply seeks to add (African American History) to that list as an option available.

    Rep. Barbara Freiburg (R-Baton Rouge) said the bill “certainly makes common sense” and moved to report the bill favorably.

    Glover also introduced a house resolution Wednesday that requests the Board of Regents and BESE “study collaboratively the feasibility and advisability of allowing a course in African American Studies” to not only count toward a high school student’s TOPS eligibility but also toward their graduation requirements

    HCR 28 advanced without objection from the committee.