22 Louisiana law enforcement officers known to have died of COVID-19


    The National Fraternal Order of Police said in a Wednesday press release that 276 law enforcement officers across the country have died of COVID-19 since the novel coronavirus reached the United States. The police organizations lists those fatalities as “line-of duty deaths” and calls the pandemic a “public health crisis” and a “public safety crisis.”

    According to a list accompanying that press release, 22 of the officers who have died, or 8 percent, were working in Louisiana.

    “The FOP knew at the beginning of the pandemic that law enforcement officers on the front lines combating this pandemic—more than 90% of whom will be responding from local and State agencies—would be increasingly vulnerable to contracting the virus,” the organization said in the press release. “COVID-19 makes no distinction between age, race or gender. As we had feared, the virus has claimed the lives of many, and now includes a growing number of law enforcement officers.”

    The police organization compiled its lists of law enforcement COVID-19 deaths using news reports.