Leon Yin, The Markup

Leon Yin, The Markup

Leon Yin translates story ideas into testable hypotheses—the cornerstone of our journalism. He builds bespoke datasets and uses interdisciplinary methods to report on technology. His reporting of Google search’s self-referential results was cited in the opening remarks of a congressional hearing on tech giants and antitrust. In 2022, he won a Gerald Loeb Award for Personal Finance and Consumer Reporting with Adrianne Jeffries for their series, “Amazon’s Advantage.” Before joining The Markup, he was a research scientist at NYU’s Center for Social Media and Politics, a research affiliate at the Data & Society Research Institute, and a software engineer at NASA.

AT&T, Verizon internet service slower – but not cheaper – in New Orleans’ poor, Black neighborhoods

By: and - October 20, 2022

A couple of years into the pandemic, Shirley Neville had finally had enough of her crappy internet service. “It was just a headache,” said Neville, who lives in a middle-class neighborhood in New Orleans whose residents are almost all Black or Latino. “When I was getting ready to use my tablet for a meeting, it […]