John Logan

John Logan

John Logan is the director of labor and employment studies at San Francisco State University, where he also serves as a professor. He has published widely on labor relations in the United States and on global labor issues.

Activists participate in an event dubbed the Un-Birthday Party and picket line near Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz New York City home on his 75th birthday to protest the treatment of Starbucks workers attempting to unionize

Workers demanding reforms lead the new American labor movement

By: - September 5, 2022

You can listen to more narrated articles here. April 1, 2022, may go down as a pivotal day in the history of American unions. In a result that could reverberate in workplaces across the U.S., the independent Amazon Labor Union – first formed in 2020 by Chris Smalls, an Amazon worker fired for protesting what […]