Eleanor Klibanoff

Eleanor Klibanoff

Eleanor Klibanoff is the women's health reporter at The Texas Tribune. She was previously with the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, where she covered sexual assault, domestic violence and policing, among other things. She has worked at public radio stations in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Missouri, as well as NPR, and her work has aired on All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Here & Now. She lives in Austin with her enormous cat, Grover Cleveland.

HIV test at Crescent Care in New Orleans

Religious employers can exclude HIV preventative drugs in their health plans, federal judge rules

By: and - September 7, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas – A federal judge in Fort Worth agreed Wednesday with a group of Christian conservatives that Affordable Care Act requirements to cover HIV prevention drugs violate their religious freedom. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor also agreed that aspects of the federal government’s system for deciding what preventive care is covered by the ACA […]

Demonstrators in Dallas marched against the overturning of Roe v. Wade

Abortions up to 6 weeks of pregnancy can temporarily resume in Texas, judge rules

By: , and - June 28, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas — Abortions up to about six weeks in pregnancy can resume at some clinics in Texas for now after a Harris County District Court judge granted a temporary restraining order Tuesday that blocks an abortion ban that was in place before Roe v. Wade. “It is a relief that this Texas state court […]

Nurse and clinic director Kristina Hernandez

Pandemonium, then silence: Inside a Texas abortion clinic after the fall of Roe

By: - June 26, 2022

SAN ANTONIO — On Friday morning, a nurse at Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services in San Antonio ushered a patient into an exam room. She gave her a gown, told her the doctor would be in shortly and stepped back out of the room into a changed world. “I saw the other nurses standing in the […]

People gather outside the Governor’s Mansion in Austin on March 13 to protest Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive to investigate families providing gender-affirming care to their children.

Texas resumes investigating parents of transgender children, families’ lawyers confirm

By: - May 20, 2022

Texas’ child welfare agency has resumed at least some of its investigations into parents who provide gender-affirming care to their transgender children. Last week, the state Supreme Court overturned an injunction blocking the state from investigating these parents for child abuse. On Thursday, nearly a week after the ruling, investigators with the Texas Department of […]

Mark Lee Dickson

How Texas’ powerful but fractured abortion opposition helped bring down Roe v. Wade

By: and - May 13, 2022

Nearly 50 years ago, a high school freshman in Alief was in her sex education class when another student asked the teacher about abortion. It was the first time Kyleen Peloquen, then 14, had heard the word.