Dillon Bergin

Dillon Bergin

Dillon Bergin is an investigative journalist who specializes in data and public records. He is a former Report for America corps member with Searchlight New Mexico. From 2019 to 2020, he was a Fulbright Germany Journalism Fellow. His work has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, The New Republic and Searchlight New Mexico. He is currently based in Philadelphia.

Uncounted: Inaccurate death certificates across the country hide the true toll of COVID-19

By: and - December 22, 2021

In late January, the official death toll from COVID-19 in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, stood at 210. At a makeshift memorial at a local Episcopal church, friends and relatives planted small, white flags representing how many people had died. Some inscribed flags with the names of those they had lost. But a couple hundred flags were […]