Xander Adams

Xander Adams

Xander Adams is an award-winning queer/non-binary radio producer, sound designer, and public health reporter based in Louisiana. They are currently freelancing for Scalawag Magazine, Vox Media, and TransLash Media. They grew up on the Mississippi Westbank—half a mile from the river. In their reporting, they focus on HIV, Hep C, prison healthcare and conditions, and policing. Alexander created the sound-art podcast Smash/Cut and has worked with 70 Million, MIT’s Undark, Night Vale Presents, Netflix, CBC, BBC, WHYY, and WWNO.

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Before meeting a potential landlord, I take a look in the mirror

By: - May 13, 2021

After driving around trying to find the address, I park my car. I don’t have to stop and check in the mirror or untangle curls from earrings. But at this point, I do it reflexively and catch myself being… not quite myself. When I step out, my heel lands flat on the ground. That’s a […]